Introducing the first Joint Supplement Purpose-Built for Serious Athletes

Flexicus is the culmination of 50 years of research into enhancing flexibility, increasing joint strength, and relieving performance-impairing joint pain. Unlike other joint supplements on the market, Flexicus has been formulated specifically for performance-focused athletes.

flexicus_white_logo_justX_32In fact, Flexicus is the FIRST product designed to improve strength, power output, and overall athleticism by targeting joints & connective tissue.

The unique formula combines therapeutic quantities of CM8® (Cetyl Myristoleate Complex) and the highest grade Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II with synergistic ingredients like Bromelain, Glucosamine, MSM and Vitamin C, along with essential minerals and enzymes that maximize absorption and create the ideal environment in the body to optimize joint performance.

Positive results are often noticed within the first week of use and become increasingly pronounced over time. Users typically experience increased range of motion, improved overall flexibility and joint elasticity, accelerated healing of old joint injuries, and a marked increase in overall physical performance.

Flexicus is used by a wide range of high-performing athletes – from hardcore bodybuilders and powerlifters to professional fighters, extreme rock climbers, and competitive cyclists. No matter your sport, having healthy, lubricated joints and strong connective tissue is essential to conquering plateaus and breaking through to the next performance level.  Flexicus can help you get there.  It’s been spreading like wildfire through gyms, fight camps, dojos, cross training meetups, and sports clubs… propelled by word of mouth and undeniable results.

If you don’t see dramatic performance-improving results by the time you’ve finished, simply return the empty bottle for a full refund – no hassles, no BS, no questions asked. We are absolutely confident in the quality and effectiveness of our product and stand behind it 100%.

Flexicus is made in the USA in an FDA approved facility regulated under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines. Using only the highest quality all-natural ingredients, all raw materials in the formula are sourced from reputable North American companies.

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